Satori Azuma
Japanese Name: 東 聡莉
Romanized Name: Azuma Satori
English Name: Satori Azuma
First Appearance: Episode 12
Favorite Show: Unknown
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Rina Satō
English VA: Carrie Savage

Azuma is a first-year student in the Muroe High School kendo club.

Personality Edit

Azuma is a clumsy and easily flustered person. She has difficulty keeping concentration, which causes her to make small careless mistakes often. Her grades are awful since she makes many small flaws in her work that quickly add up. However, once she starts kendo again she is able to focus better and, with tutoring from some of the other members, her grades improve.

Despite her incredible skill—Yūji Nakata and Tamaki Kawazoe are the only ones on the team able to defeat her—she has little confidence in herself. She is also easily intimidated and somewhat naïve. However, near the end of the series she starts to become bolder, to the point where she is able to stand up against Miyako Miyazaki.

Background Edit

In middle school she was in the kendo club. Her parents believed that the club would distract her from her studies, so they forced her to quit when she got to high school. When she entered high school her grades suddenly plummeted despite her not being in any clubs, making Azuma further believe that she needed to spend all her time on studying. 

Trivia Edit

  • Her glasses are fake; she wears them in order to look smarter.

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