Rin Suzuki
Japanese Name: 鈴木 凛
Romanized Name: Suzuki Rin
English Name: Rin Suzuki
First Appearance: Episode 20
Favorite Show: Blade Bravers
Occupations: Student
Japanese VA: Maaya Sakamoto
English VA: Caitlin Glass

Rin is an anime only character that becomes Tamaki Kawazoe’s friend and rival.

Personality Edit

Most of the time Rin appears to be a stoic and quiet person. Her posture is always proper and she holds an air of refinement. However, when she is able to talk about anime, especially Blade Bravers, she quickly lights up. She is very knowledgeable on Blade Bravers and, while she is in confident in her knowledge, she respects Tamaki for being as avid a fan as her. The main difference between them is their favorite characters differ; Rin prefers Shinaider while Tamaki prefers the Red Braver. This causes calm but long arguments between the two on who is better.

Later it is revealed that Rin also does kendo and is very skilled. In fact, she is the only person in the anime to defeat Tamaki in a match by using the high stance. After Tamaki learns how to beat the high stance, though, she barely but finally manages to beat Rin. By the end of the series the two are close friends who hang out together while also hoping to keep challenging each other.